Folio Copywriting, based in Sheringham, North Norfolk,

was established in 2014 by Hazel Randall.


Hazel is the author of The Bellow of the Blast, a novella for children and adults, and Little Lil, a collection of short stories for children. Her plays for children (Aunt Albertine’s Bench and Doll House Rock), full-length libretto (The Magic Lozenge), and several monologues and sketches have been performed in theatres and other venues around North Norfolk.

“My job offers me an opportunity to peep into the world of small and medium enterprise (SME). Every day, I witness passion, energy, and innovation.

“I’ve interviewed drivers, magicians, cyclists, builders, caterers, printers, hypnotherapists, archers, gunsmiths, events planners, travel agents, web designers, electricians, insurance brokers, locksmiths, photographers, estate agents, welders, cyber security providers … the list goes on, and it keeps growing.

“In my role as ghost-writer, I must write as an expert and an integral part of my clients’ businesses, which requires meticulous generic research, coupled with careful interviewing of my clients.”

Amy Knight joined the team in July 2019. Amy’s social media skills are helping to boost Folio’s online visibility and to increase interaction with other businesses.

After leaving school, Amy worked as editor for a local author, putting into practice her considerable knowledge of English and her remarkable eye for detail.

Amy is a valued addition to the Folio Copywriting team.

As a small business owner based in Norfolk I have used Hazel's copywriting services since she started the business. Her knowledge and command of the English language is second to none, so I know that when articles or website words are required, Hazel will give a professional and fast service. Highly recommended and friendly.

Mark Richmond, Nelson & Norfolk Tea Company

Thank you so much for yet another superb job. At PC Simple we are always delighted with your work and happy to recommend your service. We are confident in your meticulous attention to detail and respect for deadlines, and therefore we do not hesitate in returning to Folio Copywriting time and time again for your expert advice.

Clive Sanham, PCSimple
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