Aqua Libra Co

Aqua Libra Co designs, manufactures, installs, and services mains-fed water-dispense systems.

The company began life in 2009 as The Boiling Tap Company, and in 2020 was acquired by Britvic. At the beginning of 2021, Simona Whyte, Head of Marketing, asked me to work with her team on the rebranding project. Over the previous few months, I’d been writing blog articles for TBTC, so I was already quite well acquainted with the company and its products.

From Aqua Libra Co’s flagship three-in-one tap, Aqua illi (named after the Andean mountain, Illimani) … to the individual Aqua Alto tap (whose namesake is another Andean mountain, Mount Alto San Juan) … to the countertop and undercounter Aqua Bottling Systems … this company’s water systems are true industry leaders, and for me, the marriage of energy-saving technology and healthy drinks was one of the most exciting strands of the project.

My role was simply to write, rewrite, and edit content, and I was only on the outskirts of this intensive rebranding exercise. But I found the whole process exhilarating. Working with Simona and her team was a fantastic experience.


I have worked with Hazel for several years, looking forward to every blog post. She's resourceful, efficient, hard-working and super-creative. Her content is engaging yet educational and our customers always get great value out of reading our white papers.

Simona Whyte, Head of Marketing, The Boiling Tap Company

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