Illustrated Memoirs

Arrested for obstruction during a demonstration at RAF Marham in 1962, Colin Seal’s first visit to Norfolk included a short stay in Norwich prison. “If

The Evocative Power of Fuck

The word fuck carries a lot of emotive weight, evoking feelings of disgust, embarrassment, arousal, anger, disdain, joy, fear, shock, relief, or surprise. Fuck acts

The Poetry of Prose

The composition of good copy goes beyond SEO and information. Effective copy requires rhetorical devices such as rhythm, meter, and phonics. Sentence structure must be

The North Norfolk Coast

A favourite ramble of mine is an eight-mile route through Sheringham Park and along the cliff path that looks out over the North Sea. As

In Defence of the Oxford Comma

My Parents, Dr Meakin and God The bride had struggled through a long and gruelling illness. In her reception speech, she gave public thanks to

Spell Check

I before E, except after C … That’s what they taught us at school. Why? Did they think it funny, to give kids half a spelling rule, and

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