In Defence of the Oxford Comma

My Parents, Dr Meakin and God The bride had struggled through a long and gruelling illness. In her reception speech, she gave public thanks to

Spell Check

I before E, except after C … That’s what they taught us at school. Why? Did they think it funny, to give kids half a spelling rule, and

An English Family at Home in France

In August 1974, my thirty-one-year-old parents turned their backs on the security of convention to chase Dad’s computer programming career across Europe. But there must

Language Evolution by Back Formation

Language Evolution by Back Formation Trivium and Quadrivium My brother, Ivan, brought to my attention the origins of the word trivial. In medieval times, the trivium was

Linguistic Gymnastics!

Many years ago, I came across this marvellous phenomenon, and it still delights me. This unpunctuated sentence (though it isn’t really a sentence, as it

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