Oak Frames Norfolk

This summer, as the UK began to ease out of lockdown, I received a phone call from Conor Welch, Managing Director of Oak Frames Norfolk. Conor was looking for a copywriter.

He’d found one.

Oak Frames Norfolk is a two-year-old company that specialises in the art – and science – of building with oak. Founded on their own extensive experience in the construction industry, Conor and his business partner, Matt Greenhill, have established a thriving, well-respected business.

The company’s workshop is in Wells-next-the-Sea. It’s here that Conor, Matt, and their carefully selected team of young tradesmen create the beautiful oak-frame structures that you see in the photographs. No screws or nails are used in these sturdy structures – just traditional mortice and tenon joints, strengthened by oak pegs.

I really enjoyed learning a bit about oak frames and about this innovative team. Thank you, Conor and Matt, for asking me to write content for the Oak Frames Norfolk website.

All images courtesy of Oak Frames Norfolk

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