Generate more leads.

Jumping through hoops for search engine optimisation is important. But in our efforts to attract the attention of Bing, Yahoo! and the mighty Google, let’s not forget who we’re actually talking to. We’re talking to real people. People who think and feel and make choices.

Although the local shop is giving way to an online marketplace, and the buying experience is changing fast, the same core values still motivate consumer behaviour. Trust, respect, and a sense of belonging still apply.

  • Clarity, consistency, and precision inspire trust. (Equivalent to, “You know where you stand with them.”)
  • Informative content shows your brand to be an industry leader, with a willingness to share ideas. (Equivalent to, “They know their stuff.”)
  • Openly sharing your values and history allows customers to engage with your brand. (Equivalent to, “I always go there; I’ve known them for years.”)

You know your business intimately. Our business is to write good copy.

Project details and fee are agreed before work begins.

One webpage: £75                       

Two or more webpages: £50 per page

Phone Hazel on 07780 479 294

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As a business we have used the services of Folio Copywriting for several years and are always very impressed with the results. Work is undertaken professionally and in a timely manner, with hardly ever any need for re-writes etc. It allows us to get content directly from our staff (who have a wealth of knowledge and experiences) out into Blogs, articles, editorials, instructional work etc with a single step via Folio Copywriting. Hazel knows our business well enough now that I don't have to worry about what is being published. It takes a huge workload away from me.

Darren Kirk, Addaca Ltd t/a Pellpax

Folio wrote the content not only for my website but also for some leaflets that we had made up. These guys are professional and immersed themselves in my trade, they then wove the words to give a good professional review of what we do and how we do it. I would always recommend these guys and look forward to working with them again very soon.

Shane Catton, Catton’s Fabrications
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